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  • M&A Non Bio Hi-Clean Laundry Detergent Non Bio Laundry liquid by M&A has been formulated to be kind on the skin, but tough on stains. Removes high levels of soiling found in a variety of industries. Ideal for premium results on whites & colours. For domestic & Commercial use 1 x 5 Litres
  • Astonish 2 in 1 Laundry Liquid Laundry liquid with fabric softener built in to leave clothes not only clean but feeling soft and gentle next to skinKind to skin – dermatologically tested & non bioSuper concentrate – 28 washes per pack (1x840ml)With the calming fragrance of Lavender & Ylang Ylang
  • Evans Search Fabric Conditioner Leaves Fabric Soft and Fresh To soften, recondition and freshen fabrics, with a long lasting perfume Reduces static in synthetics, leaves cotton & poly cotton less creased and easier to iron For all automatic and on-premise laundry machines. Phosphate free Also suitable when washing by hand. Size - 1 x 5 litre Specification Sheet:
  • Multi Purpose Stain Remover
  • For use in automatic washing machines to provide comfort and softness to all your fabrics
  • Similar properties to the powdered product,with equally similar results. Contains no petrochemical ingredients, no residues to harm the skin, and minimal environmental impact. Use a large 30ml capful per average 4/5kg wash.
  • Removes Even Tough DRIED-IN STAINS New Improved Vanish Oxi Action Max. A multi-purpose stain remover which safely removes everyday stains, greasy stains and even tough dried-in stains up to 5 days old. Its unique, patent pending formulation contains stain softeners that penetrate deep into the fibbers to soften and loosen stains, and the effervescent power of Active Oxygen to gently lift stains from the fabric, it's suitable for colours, and is versatile to use - as its a powder you control the strength to match the problem. You can use it: Added to your detergent in the wash. as a pre-treat solution for your laundry and other fabrics. as a pre-treater cream for dried-in stains. As a soaking powder for really tough dried-in stains. IN-WASH (for white & colours) Add 1 scoop to your normal detergent in the main wash drawer. For tough stains and dried in stains add 2 scoops.


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