COSHH Training Video: M&A Customers

Where could you use M&A Lift Off?(Required)
What is meant by the term PPE?(Required)
What should you wear when using M&A Oven & Fryer Cleaner?(Required)
What is M&A Kitchen Klenz?(Required)
What cleaning products should you use on the Dishwasher?(Required)
How do use those products on the dishwasher?(Required)
What does M&A Descaler do?(Required)
What is M&A MPD used for?(Required)
What is M&A Excel Blue?(Required)
What does M&A Autoglass do?(Required)
What is the difference between M&A MPD & MPD Super?(Required)
What should you do if you swallow cleaning chemicals?(Required)
If you get chemicals on your skin, what should you do?(Required)
If your get cleaning chemicals in your eyes what can you do to help?(Required)
When seeking medical advice from a doctor or hospital, what should With you?(Required)
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