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C2 Floor Cleaner doseit



Doesit InstructionsA neutral, green floor cleaner which is suitable for use on all hard floors. When applied, C2 is low foaming and leaves a fresh, lemony fragrance after use.

Available in a 1 litre dosage control pack.

1 Litre of C2 Floor Cleaner will create 25 buckets of ready to use solution. With a sophisticated self-levelling formulation, C2 dries quickly and evenly over the surface of the floor without leaving patches or smears. This makes its application quicker and easier than that of other floor cleaners, as the drying time is cut by up to a half.

C2 is safe for use on all hard floors including polished floors, marble, linoleum, wood, PVC, concrete, tiles and laminate floors.

Additional information

Weight 1.2000 kg


Also referred to as

c2, doesit, floor cleaner, green floor cleaner, lemon floor, hard floor cleaner, marble floor, lino floor, pvc cleaner, concrete cleaner, laminate floor cleaner,


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