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Microfibre cloths are ideal for cleaning various surfaces such as kitchen worktops, food preparation areas, office desks, furniture, glass and many other surface types.

The natural qualities of a microfibre cloth – including its extremely fine fibres, its ultra-absorbent nature and its ability to pick up dust so effectively – make it ideal for cleaning both office and home environments. In fact, our microfibre cloths are so effective at cleaning surfaces they have been dubbed “the contract cleaners best friend” due to their efficiency, ease of use and durability.

As well as being a good surface cleaner, these cloths will leave the surface smear-free, making them ideal for cleaning glass and other high-polish surfaces such as the exterior and interior of vehicles. They will also remove up to 99.9% of bacteria from the surface being cleaned.

Our microfibre cloths are also ideal for removing dust, dirt, grease and bacteria. They will also remove many different types of stains regardless of how stubborn those stains might appear.

One of the really great things about these microfibre cloths is this; because they are so effective as natural surface cleaners, they can be used as they are or with warm water. There is often no need to use a chemical cleaner along with these cloths because of their natural ability at attracting and removing dirt.

Of course, these cloths can optionally be used with a cleaning chemical as well, where this is required.

What is microfibre?

Microfibre is the name given to the extremely fine material that makes up these cloths. The material itself is made up of Polyester and Nylon conjugated yarn, the fibres of which are extremely fine.

What makes Microfibre cloths so effective?

Microfibre cloths make for very effective cleaners due to their natural qualities of both dust attraction and ultra-absorption of liquids.

What is a microfibre cloth used for?

Microfibre cloths can be used for cleaning all different types of surfaces, including but not limited to:

kitchen worktops
food preparation surfaces
high-gloss aluminium surfaces
car bodywork
vehicle interiors
household surfaces

Is microfibre cloth better than cotton?

Microfibre has some additional qualities over cotton, including its ability to absorb liquid up to 7 times its own weight. It is also a natural attractor of dust particles, making it an ideal material for dusting.

Clean without chemicals

Microfibre cloths are often promoted as being environmentally friendly due to the fact that they are highly effective natural surface cleaners and thus do not need to be used with chemicals. This means they are ideal for use in situations where chemical cleaning is not an option. They are also friendly to the environment, and offer a low-cost cleaning option.

How long do Microfibre cloths last?

Our microfibre cloths are machine washable up to 400 times, and as such, they are extremely durable and long-lasting. In order to get the most out of your microfibre cloth it is recommended that you clean it regularly – either by handwashing in warm water or machine washing with a mild detergent.

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Weight 0.7000 kg

Blue, Green, Red , Yellow

Also referred to as

microfibre, micro fibre, micro cloth, magic gloth, microfibres, micro fibre cloths


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