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Viro-Sol Degreaser – 5L



Viro-sol is a fast-acting cleaner and degreaser that has been designed specifically to remove tough stains and soiled surfaces. The cleaner is citrus-based and has been formulated to provide maximum cleaning power thanks to its citrus solvents.

The list of uses for Viro-sol is almost endless, but in particular, it is useful for removing diesel oil, food oil, various types of fats, grease, tobacco stains, rubber and engineering oil.

In addition, Virosol can be used to clean different types of surfaces such as vinyl, painted floors, ceramic tiles, plastic ceilings, walls, concrete, rooftops and windows.

Viro-sol is a water-based product containing specialised surfactants, including sodium citrate. Despite its fantastic cleaning and degreasing qualities, Viro-sol is also biodegradable and meets EEC standards.

Viro-sol is ideal for cleaning anti-slip surfaces, stainless steel, vinyl and many other surface types, and our customers love to use it where other cleaning products may fail to remove stubborn stains.

The great thing about Viro-sol is that whilst it cleans surfaces, it also leaves behind a pleasing and fragrant odour thanks to its soft, citrus scent.

Viro-sol is an extremely versatile surface cleaner suitable for use in almost any environment where clean surfaces are important. Popular uses of Virosol include cleaning in schools, colleges, hotels, offices, airports, factories, shops, shopping centres, ferries, bars, nightclubs and pubs.

As well as the standard 5L container size in this listing, we also supply Virosol in a 20L container size.

When Viro-sol is not suitable

This cleaner should not be used on aluminium, Zinc or other alkali-sensitive surfaces as it may cause damage to these materials. If you are unsure about the surface to be cleaned, you should test a small inconspicuous area before carrying out the full cleaning operation; this helps to avoid undue damage to the surface in question.

Safety considerations when using Viro-sol

Always wear gloves and eye protection when using strong chemical cleaners such as Virosol. If the cleaner gets on your skin, wash immediately with warm soapy water and if the irritation persists afterwards, seek medical attention.

If you ingest virosol you should immediately rinse your mouth and drink plenty of water. If you feel unwell, you should also seek immediate medical attention.

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Weight 5.4500 kg







5 Litres


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